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Happenings for Youth at Our Library

Welcome patrons and readers from our New Youth Services Librarian!

My name is Steven Torres-Roman, and I am the new Youth Services Librarian at the Rancho Bernardo Branch Library. Thank you for your warm welcome, and I look forward to serving you as part of the library staff.

In the coming months, we have some exciting programs and events for our younger patrons. For example, on February 13, we have the “Who Am I?” Game Book activity for preschoolers, where parents and children create their own book that serves as a game, a keepsake, and an outlet the children’s creativity. We also have a Japanese Kite Workshop on February 16 for children ages 8 and older; this activity will serve as a tiny window into Japanese culture, and give the children a sense of accomplishment, seeing their “do-it-yourself” kites flying high this spring season!

To accentuate our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programming, we offer the Crazy 8s after-school math club for children grades 3 through 5, an eight-week series of activities designed to present mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive environment.

To round off this wonderful peek into coming programs, did you know that 2018 was the Year of the Dog? In that vein, we are offering Going to the Dogs, a quarterly combination of discussions and movie days featuring classic canine films that the whole family can enjoy!

And these programs are merely some highlights pulled from roster of daily programs that we offer the youth of Rancho Bernardo! As always, we are very thankful to the Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Library for their interest, time, and generosity, which allows for so many of these opportunities for our community.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I must begin preparing for the 2018 Summer Reading Program!

Come check out the library!

Children's Programs

Our Library has many programs for children (up through the teens). Some require registration, a few require payment. Here are some examples, but please check the current month's calendar below for what will be offered this month. Also check our Top Stories page where we will announce new program start-ups.

  • Paws for Reading (K - 4th grade) - Wednesday 5p - 6p.
  • Craft Time - Wednesday, 6p - 6:30p.
  • Story Time and Crafts with Miss Erica - Thursday 10:30a.
  • Let's Make Music School - Friday 10:30a.

Monthly Children and Young Adult Activity Calendar

Library Children's Program Current Month Calendar

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