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The Friends Publicity Coordinator Position Is Open

The Friends of the Library is seeking volunteers interested in serving as the Publicity Coordinator. This position is also on the Board of Directors – board meetings are held on Saturday mornings, six times a year.

The Publicity Coordinator primarily publicizes Friends-sponsored events such as concerts, bag sales, and the Annual Meeting, but may also assist with building overall membership. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the number of residents who use, care about, and support our branch library through a variety of community awareness activities, including traditional print media and social media.

Jeff Meyer will be leaving his position as Publicity Coordinator for FOL- his last day will be December 31. Jeff has offered to train his replacement, thus assuring a seamless transition. His work has been both valuable and important to the efforts of FOL and we are all certain that with Jeff’s support and assistance the many FOL activities will continue to be announced throughout the community.

Anyone who has questions or is interested in this position can contact either Dave Hall (hallscasa@yahoo.com) or Millie Boas (mmboaz1938@att.net). We hope to have a candidate selected and prepared to take Jeff’s place by the end of the year.

The success of Friends has been due to the spirit and energy of its many members and volunteers. For that, we are always appreciative. (As is the RB Library staff.)

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